Q. Do you provide home staging services for homeowners who live outside of Atlanta?

A. Yes. While our domain name is http://atlantahomestaging.net, we provide home staging services throughout metro-Atlanta. Here’s a current list of the cities we service: Virginia Highland, Decatur, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Druid Hills, Edgewood, Grant Park, Midtown, East Point, Lake Claire, Morningside, Oakhurst, Ormewood Park, Candler Park, Brookhaven and more. If your city is not listed, give us a call at (678) 488-6200.

Q. What home staging services do you provide for vacant homes?

A. We offer key-room staging or whole home staging. With key-room, we’ll provide the furniture and accessories for all rooms with the exception of the secondary bedrooms. With whole home staging, we’ll stage the entire home.

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Q. My home is currently listed but, we’ve yet to receive an offer. Is it too late to have my home staged?

A. No. It’s not too late. We’ve staged a vacant home in Sandy Springs that had been on the market for 2 years. The couple had already moved from Georgia to Texas and were paying two mortgages. We were brought in by the agent, staged the key-rooms and the home went under contract the very first week.

Q. How effective is home staging?

A. Home staging is an extremely effective marketing tool as it helps separate your home or listing from the others on the market. Equally important – buyers are beginning their search using the Internet. A well staged home will stand out and help to ensure your home makes the buyers short list of homes to see. Once there, a staged home “feels” good and allows the potential buyer to further connect with the home on an emotional level.

Q. What are the three most important things a seller can do to help secure a contract quickly on their home?

A. First and foremost – find a GREAT agent – one that understands the importance of marketing your home. Secondly – ensure your home is priced competitively. Thirdly – ensure it looks great on the inside and out.

Q. Do you work with Atlanta Real Estate Investors?

​A. Yes. Lots of them! Staging an Atlanta investment property has led to some of our best results. The combination of the renovations, along with the staging has drawn offers the same day it was staged. To read some of our testimonials.

Q. If the buyer wants to purchase the furniture and/or accessories used in the vacant home staging, can you sell it?

A. Yes. In fact, there have been several buyers who have purchased either all, or some, of the pieces we’ve used.

Q. Do you have before and after pictures of your stagings?

A. Having staged hundreds of homes in and around Atlanta, we have lots of photos. You can visit our website and click on home staging gallery.

Q. What home staging services do you provide for occupied homes?

A. We offer a verbal consultation which is a cost effective solution that give you the insight you need on the changes that matter most.

Q. What’s the difference between Vacant Home Staging and Occupied Home Staging?

A. Vacant Home Staging means the home has no furniture or accessories. In other words, the seller does not live in the home at, or when, the home goes on the market. For those homes, we provide the furniture and accessories to ensure your home or listing stands out. Occupied Home Staging means the seller will be living in the home while it is on the market.

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Q. Our home is currently vacant. How long does it take you to stage our home?

A. We stage in a day!.


Q. How long have you been in business?

A. We’ve been staging homes since the end of 2005.

Q. I’ve heard that the photos posted on the MLS are extremely important. Do you provide those to your clients?

A. Yes. As part of our service, we provide our staging photos at no additional charge!